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The Sandusky Bay Conference (SBC) was organized on January 29, 1948 to go into operation the following fall. The charter members were: Elmore, Fremont St Joseph, Genoa, Gibsonburg, Danbury, Oak Harbor, and Port Clinton.  Interscholastic competition was offered in Football and Boys Basketball, with Port Clinton winning the 1st Football Championship.  Tri-Champions were crowned in Boys Basketball as well, consisting of Port Clinton, Gibsonburg, and Fremont St Joseph CC.

In 1949, Clyde replaced Port Clinton, and Sandusky St. Mary CC was admitted in 1950, making it an eight team conference.

In 1951, Boys Track became an official conference sport.

From 1956 to 1960, the conference experienced many changes.  In 1956, Genoa withdrew as a member, followed by Danbury in 1957, and Elmore in 1958.  That same year (1958), Baseball was added as the fourth varsity sport, and Carey was accepted as a member school.  In 1959, Gibsonburg withdrew, and Tiffin Calvert was accepted as a member school.  Finally, Lakota and Mohawk were admitted in 1960, bringing the membership back to eight schools.

The next two changes would keep the conference membership at eight schools, as Gibsonburg returned, replacing Mohawk in 1962, and Margaretta replaced Carey in 1963.  In 1965, Wrestling was added as the fifth varsity sport.

In 1966, based on a conference rule, Tiffin Calvert was forced to withdraw as a member of the Conference.  The rule, which was called the “two-for-one” rule, and has since been removed from the Conference Constitution, stated that a school would be forced to withdraw its membership if it had more than two boys (based on enrollment) for every one boy of the smallest conference school.  That same year, Huron and Fostoria St. Wendelin were welcomed as members, bringing the membership total to nine schools.

The 1969-73 period was again a time of many changes.  Boys Golf began competition in 1969, followed by Boys Cross Country in 1970.  The greatest change occurred in 1972 when Tiffin Calvert returned, and Sandusky Perkins was added, while Oak Harbor, Gibsonburg, Lakota, and Fostoria St Wendelin withdrew, leaving seven member schools.

In 1973, the Conference welcomed Boys Tennis, and under the new framework the Sandusky Register donated a Boys All-Sports Championship Trophy to the Conference.  Additionally, that same year, Girls competition began under the Title IX Rules with Huron winning the 1st varsity Volleyball Championship.  In 1974, Girls Basketball competition began, and in 1975 Girls Track was added.  Girls Tennis was added as a varsity sport in 1977.  With the expansion of Girls Athletics, a donation by Art Hendricks and Tag Wright made it possible to present the girls’ AIJ-Sports Championship Trophy, which was first won by Clyde at the conclusion of the 1976-77 year.

On May 14, 1978, Port Clinton was accepted back as a member to begin conference play in 1980. At that time, member schools were Clyde, Fremont St. Joseph CC, Huron, Margaretta, Sandusky Perkins, Port Clinton, Sandusky St. Mary CC, and Tiffin Calvert.  With these eight teams competing, tight races, big crowds, and good tournament records allowed conference teams to participate in state competitions with great success.  Girls sports added over this period were Cross Country (1981) and Softball (1982).

The 1986-87 school year brought about two changes in membership which shaped the success of recent years.  Fremont St. Joseph CC and Tiffin Calvert withdrew, while Oak Harbor returned and Milan Edison joined the conference.  In 1993, Boys and Girls Swimming was added as a varsity sport, and Soccer was added in 1997.

On February 1, 2013, Sandusky St. Mary CC announced that they would be leaving the SBC to join the newly formed Sandusky River League (SRL).  Then, on December 10, 2014, the Sandusky Bay Conference announced plans to expand, with collaborative efforts to welcome member schools of the SRL (Lakota, New Riegel, Old Fort, Fremont St. Joseph CC, Sandusky St. Mary CC, and Fostoria St. Wendelin), Tiffin Calvert, and Vermilion.

The first wave of expansion began with the 2016-17 school year and consisted of 2 divisions (Bay and River), based upon enrollment figures of the participating schools.  The divisional lineup depended on the sport, with Margaretta participating in the River Division (lower enrollment) for football and wrestling, and in the Bay Division (larger enrollment) for all other sports.  New Riegel, Old Fort, and Fostoria St. Wendelin were not involved with Football, and there were no forced crossovers in football, while inter-divisional games did not count toward conference records.  The two divisions operated more-or-less as two separate conferences under the single umbrella, and the conference crowned two separate champions in each sport.

On March 16, 2016, both Clyde principal William J. Webb and NOL president Nate Artino (Bellevue principal) announced that six of the seven Northern Ohio League (NOL) schools were invited to join the SBC for the 2017-18 school year.   The expansion would restructure the divisions based on enrollment, once again.  The divisional breakdown, which will welcome the Lake Division (the largest enrollment), will consist of three divisions with similar rules as before.

In March 2017, SBC Executive Secretary/Treasurer Gregg Hedden announced that Danbury and Gibsonburg would be joining the SBC River Division, effective in the Fall 2018. Both schools left the Toledo Area Athletic Conference (TAAC), bringing the total to nine (9) football schools in the River Division for the 2018 season.

The current varsity sports offered to date include the following:

Boys: Cross Country, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Football, Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Wrestling

Girls: Cross Country, Basketball, Bowling, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball

DISCLAIMER: The following information was obtained from in 2012.  However, the site has since been removed.  For updated/recent information, please visit the SBC Wikipedia page, or follow the pages on this site for more information.

SchoolNicknameDiv:RegPrimary DivFootball Div
SanduskyBlue Streaks3:8LakeLake
Sandusky PerkinsPirates3:8LakeLake
Tiffin ColumbianTornadoes3:8LakeLake


SchoolNicknameDiv:RegPrimary DivFootball Div
Milan EdisonChargers5:16BayBay
Oak HarborRockets4:12BayBay
Port ClintonRedskins4:12BayBay


SchoolNicknameDiv:RegPrimary DivFootball Div
MargarettaPolar Bears6:20BayRiver
WillardCrimson Flashes6:20BayRiver
Fremont St. Joseph CCCrimson Streaks7:24RiverRiver
Sandusky St. Mary CCPanthers7:23RiverRiver
Tiffin CalvertSenecas7:24RiverRiver


SchoolNicknameDiv:RegPrimary DivFootball Div
New RiegelBlue JacketsRiver
Old FortStockadersRiver


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